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    1. Wenzhou Fukai Optical Technology Co. Ltd

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      Products > Jewelry Magnifier > > Multifunction Jewelry Magnifier
      Product name : Multifunction Jewelry Magnifier
      Item : TH-600552
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      Patent No.: ZL 2012 3 0266816.0

      Product Name: Multifunction Jewelry Magnifier

      Model No.: TH-600552

      Magnification: 30X

      Lens Material: K9 glass

      Item Size: 57 x 35 x 20mm

      Materials: LED luminotron, ABS plastic housing

      Battery-operated: three pieces (1.5V) batteries

      Packing Quantity: 360 pcs/ctn

      Carton Size: 38.5 x 35 x 21.5cm

      Net Weight: 10kg


      Function and Applictaion:

      Diamond inspection glass, high accuracy optical lens, no color difference, as one of common tools for identifying jewelry.

      View jewelry, antique, calligraphy and painting

      Stamps appreciation

      Identify the acid etching reticulation of B jade

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