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      Products > Portable Microscope > > Double-tube Microscopes
      Product name : Double-tube Microscopes
      Item : TH-7001
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      Model No.: TH-7001                                    

      Product Name: Double-tube microscopes

      Magnification: 40X, 80X and 100X (with reading or without reading for options)

      subbox on the scale of 100x microscope equal to real size (1 division/0.01mm)

      Lens Material: optical lens

      Volume: 138 x 50 x 23mm

      Material: LED luminotron, ABS plastic casing

      Battery-operated: two (size AA, 1.5V) batteries

      Packaging: Leather sheath and color box

      Packing Quantity: 100 pcs/ctn

      Carton Size: 36.5 x 32.5 x 37cm

      Net/Gross Weight: 9.5/11kg


      Product Introduction:

      This product is used for identifying instrument, composed of LED light, eyepiece, objectglass, lens cone, focus control knob, the illuminant tube under the cone.


      Suitable for: Biological, Medicine, Ore and jewelery, Plate-making, Textile, Currency and Stamp, Industrial-printed circuit boards, Precision parts, Horticulture, Family and office, Beauticians, Medical-veterinarian, Geology, Printing




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